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My offer

Help with problems

Help via remote maintenance

Many problems can be solved by telephone and with the help of remote maintenance. Thus, a convenient and fast solution is possible.

On-site help

For problems that can not be solved by phone or by remote maintenance, I also like to come over to you (first ride is free)


If you want to be save or even if it is already too late, I can help in the fight against viruses and Co.

Data migration and backup

Data migration

You have bought a new PC or a mobile, i'll take care of transferring the old data to the new device.

Data backup

It can happen at any time that your hard disk stops working. I find the right backup solutions for you.

Data recovery

Accidentally deleted important data? Your hard drive or memory card is broken or is no longer recognized? I can help.

Upgrade and improvement


The old PC is slow or is not working correctly? A cleanup or even a Windows reinstallation can work wonders!


It can make sense to upgrade the old computer with little money and effort. I analyze your computer and advise you.

OS Upgrade

Upgrading to a newer version of Windows brings many improvements and more security

New purchases and commissioning

Procurement and commissioning of new devices

You want to buy a new computer, printer, mobile or other hardware and are looking for help?

Installation Internet connection

Did you change your Internet provider or did you move? I connect the components and network everything.

Program installations and support

Sie brauchen eine neue Software um bestimmte Aufgaben zu erledigen? Ich helfe Ihnen bei der Beratung, Installation und Einrichtung diverser Softwarelösungen.

Network and internet

W-LAN - installation and configuration

Nowadays, WLAN is almost the basic equipment of every household, but often causes problems. I set up your WLAN properly and make it safe.

Networking of computers and peripherals

You want to network your home or the office? I help you with the planning, procurement and installation of your network.

Secure computer for children

The little ones enjoy the computer and the tablet ever earlier, but very few parents are unaware of the dangers that the Internet brings.

Own internet presence


I create a website for you and can take care of it if required and take care of updates and innovations.

Webspace and domain

Your website needs an address to be accessible and a home where it is stored.

Wish e-mail address

I will setup you your desired e-mail address, for example: firstname@nachname.ch

Training and courses

Computer Basic Course

I'll show you the first steps with the computer and the operation of needed programs

Internet basic course

How can I get information quickly and where can I find what I need? What is offered to me and what possibilities do I have?

Smartphone Basic Course

Help with operating and setting up the smartphone and what you can do with it.

Surf the Internet safely

The internet carries many dangers. I'll show you how to surf safely, not reveal any data and explain the programs that help.

Is my data safe?

None of us wants his data stolen or abused. I mediate the safe handling of it.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Also heard by Bitcoin and Co? But what is that and what does that mean? I'll explain everything to you about cryptocurrencies.

Prices and offers


Marcus Häusler

Fuchsbüelstrasse 10

9030 Abtwil