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About me

Born in 1985 as a so-called "Digital Native", I got my first PC at a young age, to be exact at the age of six, and since then I can not keep my hands off it.

Since I've always been keen on experimenting and hunger for knowledge, I've dedicated myself to IT and have probably experienced pretty much everything you can experience as a computer scientist in my over 15-year career in various companies. 

I also support my relatives and colleagues in the private sector with all computer-related issues and I am also a professional problem solver, consultant and performer at work.

In order to be able to live my creativity, I have also always created websites and logos.

Ich lebe seit 13 Jahren in der schönen Schweiz und möchte mit meinem Wissen den Menschen in der Umgebung bei Ihren Problemen und Fragen helfen.

Since not everyone has a computer scientist in their circle of colleagues and if it does not always have time and desire to help, I have decided to offer my knowledge and skills to everyone.

With a sense of sustainability, I'm of the opinion that you should not always buy something new, especially with electronic devices, instead you can breathe new life into the old device with a little care.